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Unfuck the World

unfucktheworldMy friend Nicolas asked me to sew patches onto his playa jacket… here is a photo he sent me to show him riding his bike on the playa proudly showing the patches. He said people were constantly asking where he got it, and the following year asked me to make a bunch of patches for him to take there and gift to people.


Prints for Pride

For the Toronto Pride Parade I printed a bunch of rainbow coloured patches and went out with my new little puppy Chorizzo (isn’t he precious!) to the parade hoping to sell a few… instead I was practically mobbed by people falling in love with him. There was even boys trying to buy him drinks!

Fresh Ink

Spring time in Toronto… printing patches to sell or trade at festivals and outdoor parties.

There are a couple left, if you are interested in a printed patch I can look for the design you want or print a custom one for you. I keep my screens and always have scrap fabric and inks.