“Anyone can do anything, if they know how to read.” – my Dad

With this and my mother’s sewing book, actual libraries, patterns, the glorious internet… I learned to sew.


A lot of practice, some awesome jobs, support from my family and friends, and a strong love of DIY.

I also don’t like shopping for clothes and rarely find anything I like… but throw a patch on a second hand sweater I found in a dumpster, and I’ll wear that shit for years.

“I like to make pretty things that make people feel special.” – me

goldMy guru and neighbour Graziella Malagoni says I am cursed with too many talents. She keeps telling me to focus on just one thing if I want to become successful. I try, but, as you’ll see here, I have not figured that out yet.

I really love to create pretty and unique statement pieces that make people feel special. I love to hear that “everyone asks where I got it”. So I make clothing for people who want to stand out, not be part of the crowd.

sewingUsing unusual and often upcycled/repurposed fabrics, with colour and texture, I hope to encourage people to be brave and wild and sexy! Pieces that actually start conversations, not just blend in. My biggest peeve is hearing “can you make it in black?” Of course I could, but where’s the fun in that?!

Mind you, I almost always wear black. So I guess this is some sort of projection… oh well!

I like the title “crafty bitch”.


Custom Projects



I make a lot of corsets. Started making them using unusual and repurposed fabrics (the first one I made was using sparkly denim jeans)… and then I started making them out of Deconstructed Screen Prints because the pieces are small.


Bustle Wrap Skirts / Skirt Belts



For wearing with corsets, of course!



Sweater remix using upcycled/repurposed fabrics, decolourization of second-hand clothing, and t-shirt deconstruction/reconstruction.



I love Sarouels (aka harem pants) and practically wore them every day for a couple years. I made them for everyone…






Other Stuff