VJ diss0nance

I’ve been hoarding a few thousand recorded video mix clips from my VJing dayz, not sure what to do with them. I’ve given them away a few times to people who wanted to learn how to VJ. Though most of the clips are very low resolution because mixing multiple layers of video on a laptop (back in 2005 or even 2012) used a lot of the computer’s resources, so keeping the clips smaller allowed the video to mix faster and not blow up the computer (though it did happen many times).

The program I used (Resolume) recorded clips in low resolution because the purpose of recording clips was not meant for DVD quality video anyhow, or even web distribution. I did not really care about creating HD video with brilliant smooth fancy effects. I preferred to select images for their content, and enjoyed the live visual composition.

I would record little 3-layer mixes, often using cuts of video I had collected either cut out of longer videos I downloaded online, or MP4 rips direct from DVDs or television, and then layered clips with other mix clips, adjusting speed and looping to match the music being played at an event… in the end was a video mashup of multiple layers and effects.

I have a few thousand gigs of these clips, recorded before or during an event. Thankfully the program recorded the clips using a datestamp as the file name (fucking brilliant, thank you whoever you are) so I know when they were created. I also kept them all pretty well organized so I could find them quickly during a mix…

So, I uploaded a few last night to youtube. Unfortunately youtube insists on annoying us with “suggested videos” and makes it difficult to present a nice looking playlist. Ideally I would love to find an easy online VJing app that would allow me to put up a bunch of clips, let people select an audio track, and mix the video themselves. Voila! VJ magic. But till I find that… I found this huzzaz video collection thingy, which looks pretty good.

If you’re not already playing music, you should be.


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